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Ketto foundation is a non-sectarian and nonpolitical affiliated equal opportunity organization. Our aim is to enable and uplift girl child in India creating impact on the ground that will transform lives in India. Our objective is to create a world in which every girl child has the right to live and thrive.We work in areas of girl child education and medical support. Ketto Foundation strives to work in areas currently neglected or with poor living conditions. Our medical projects include funding operation/medical costs for girls. We fund projects that are almost always overlooked or ignored. Our goal for 2016 includes reaching out and impacting 5000 girl child from the urban poor section of our society.Our appeal is to everyone out there who believe every living being has the right to live and we call out every concerned Indian citizen to step forward and give these girls a new dawn!!


Ketto Foundation mission is to save the girl child in India, saving girl child is a major step to develop any country and the whole world. We all are aware about the status of girls in the present scenario in India so our mission is to change the concept of GIRL Child situation in INDIA. As child is the most beautiful creation of God. A girl child is more so because she is the mother of future generations. If we continue to kill the unborn female fetuses we are not only committing sin in the eyes of God but also quickening the end of human race.


1. To bring about social awareness and affect a positive change towards Girl Child Education, Health & Survival & Other Major Diseases.

2. To provide education to the girl child and thus make her economically self-reliant & work till lasting changes in her life.

3. To promote equality for girls in terms of gender, education, and other opportunities.

4. To work towards the all-round progress of the girl child at all levels.


1. Building relationships to increase & understand the unity among peoples of different cultures & respect the girl.

2. Promoting the rights and interests of the Girl Child & have a right to adequate prenatal & post-natal care

3. Aims is to achieve lasting improvements in the quality life of GIRL CHILD deprived children in developing countries through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by promoting the rights and interests of the Girl Child.

4. AIM is every GIRLD CHILD has the right from the birth to a name & nationality.

5. Every girl child have right to education, develop abilities, adequate nutrition, adequate medical care, right to parental affection, love, understanding.

6. Every Girl Child have a right to enjoy full opportunity for play and recreation.

Child Rights in India

A girl especially is more vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. The poor economic conditions of family households, cultural and social practices and prevalence of child marriage are the significant reasons for girls leaving school early and the decline of their education, which in turn reduces opportunity. It can also lead to early pregnancy which is a substantial health risk. The health of girls who are sexually exploited is also at high risk as they are more likely to contract life threatening diseases.

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